Topics of interest in the following areas, but not limited to:


1.Mathematical Methods in Optics and Electromagnetics 光学和电磁学的数学方法

2.Mathematical Modelling and Application 数学建模与应用

3.Engineering Applications and Scientific Computations 工程应用和科学计算

4.Computational Fluid Dynamics 计算流体力学

5.Intelligent Computing and Simulation Technology 智能计算与仿真技术

6.Intelligent Control 智能控制

7.Nonlinear Problems in Mechanics 力学中的非线性问题

8.Modelling, Simulation and Control of Technological Processes 工艺过程的建模、模拟和控制

9.Applied Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis 应用线性代数与数值分析

10.Internet, Web and Security Visualization 互联网、网络和安全可视化

11.Application of Simulation Software 仿真软件的应用

12.Simulation of Intelligent Systems 智能系统仿真

13.Machine Learning 机器学习

14.Artificial Intelligence 人工智能

15.Automatic Control Principles and Applications 自动控制原理及应用

16.Data Mining and Soft Computing 数据挖掘与软计算

17.Intelligent Robot System 智能机器人系统